Who we are

Kyle W.

Running Coordinator

My wife and I recently moved out to the "burbs" as our little family continues to grow (baby boy #2 just arrived in August 2021!) and settled in Loveland. 

Running has long been an integral, consistent part of my life. Sure, illusions of distance running grandeur still, at times, find their way to me. But, these days, I mostly run simply for the love of it. 

Growing up, there were two prominent groups I was most proud to be a member of: the Catholic Church and my high school track and XC teams.


As an adult, I miss the camaraderie (okay, okay, and the racing competition) of both.

My hope is the Catholic Running Project can combine these two great passions into a local running community firmly rooted in a deep Catholic Faith fostering the bonds of camaraderie and competition.  


It is pretty simple. Only three basic requirements:

  • Member of the Catholic Church (or actively considering the Church)

  • A commitment to running

  • A desire to give back to the community

That's it. 

Let us run with perseverance the race God has set before us

Hebrews 12:1

Fitness Team